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         Foshan ABC shock absorber Co., Ltd. Established by international well–known enterprise Taiwan ABC mechanical limited companies on 1994.Produce all kinds of motorcycle-used shock absorbers and the hydraulic pressure apparatus. The registered capital of 800000 us  dollars.
        The company has advanced production line and quality inspection equipment imported from Japan, Taiwan, outstanding technical backbone, advanced technical and quality testing instruments and high quality post–sale service team. Produce more than 4millions of all kinds of shock absorbers per year. Our products are authorized to the high–quality–product by the Chinese Motorcycle shock absorber Quality Control Committee, and win the outstanding scientific and technological awards in GuangDong province, and in Foshan city. In 2002 also attain top 10 product of 2002 investigat10n of China consumable quality and the top 10 quality notarit10n of China famous shock absorbers.Chinese famous brand.
        As the fine, stabe product quality and kind customer service, our products supply for more than 40 domestic motorcycle manufactories, and export to many countries regions in the world, and win glories from many companies. The brand “AiMiSi  ABC  ” has becon well–known in the country according to the aim that “Quality first, Customer foremost”. It has been exerteb a far–reaching influence in the motorcycle industry.
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